Bananas Benefits, Harms, Vitamis, Composition, Useful Properties and Banana Diet

Bananas, the benefits and harms of bananas, the composition of banana, vitamins in bananas, useful properties of banana, banana diet

In our country, bananas are no longer considered an exotic fruit: it can buy them year round, and they are inexpensive. Very well that these amazing, fantastic fruit can buy any citizen of Russia, regardless of income level and place of residence because Bananas are very useful.

Among all the fruit grown in other countries, only bananas can be safely given to children of the first year of life. Adults who like to buy bananas when there is no time for a complete meal, but want to eat something useful, without fear of overload the stomach.

Bananas are also convenient to have in any situation, even if there is no place to wash your hands: should just gently release the fruit of a convenient “packaging”, conceived by nature, and, holding the tip, easy to eat. Such food is not only nourishes, but also helps the body get energy and lots of useful substances, as well as uplifting.

Composition of banana, vitamins in bananas than helpful bananas

What is so useful bananas? Of course, first of all, the fact that they have a lot we need vitamins. The most important vitamins – C, which is quite a lot of bananas, has a strong antioxidant effect and, therefore, extends our youth and beauty. In addition, this particular vitamin helps us defend against infections that can haunt a man not only in winter, but in any season.

Contained in bananas B vitamins are very necessary for women, especially because most of these vitamins are lost in the “critical days”. But B vitamins – it is our composure and poise, deep and healthy sleep, clear skin and strong hair.

Carotene is also found in bananas, and also helps us to stay longer young, incidentally protecting against heart disease and blood vessels.

We can say that bananas are generally pantry beauty and health: they have more and vitamin E, which provides our cells to long life, and the skin – the smoothness and suppleness, as well as other vitamins – PP, K, choline, macronutrients – potassium, magnesium , calcium, sodium, phosphorus, trace elements – manganese, zinc, selenium, iron and fluoride.

Psychologists call plantains the safest and most delicious antidepressant, because they made in their sweet pulp of vitamin B6 helps to develop in our body to serotonin, a hormone called joy and play an important role in the nervous system.

If you eat bananas every day, you can forget about the irritability, anxiety and depression, but this does not mean that they can be to overeat: it is enough to eat a banana a day 1.2. Such an amount can compensate for a lack of potassium in the body, and as a result we are transformed in his eyes: muscle pain, tension and weakness of the retreat, fatigue, there is activity and ingenuity, comes back to normal appetite, puffiness disappear and your skin stops flaking and becomes smooth.

Scandinavian scientists, exploring the relationship between the consumption of bananas and high blood pressure, concluded that the everyday use of these fruits hypertensive eliminates the need to constantly take medication. Potassium strengthens the heart muscle, so the bananas and are useful for cardiac and all related disorders: edema, hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, liver and gastrointestinal tract.

Use bananas the stomach due to their fibrous structure, so gastroenterologists recommend that patients with chronic gastritis use in exacerbations of only bananas and other fruits to exclude from the diet. Older people, as well as children can eat bananas more often than others, but athletes can recover quickly with their help after the load, as well as “charged” before workouts.

Damage to banana

And may there be bananas for someone harmful? Certain category of people bananas can cause damage: for example, those who live in a very damp climate, and thus not inclined to active life – such people have bananas can cause bloating, as they are slowly digested. Such people should not eat bananas on an empty stomach, or drink their water, and those who had a stroke or heart attack, suffers from varicose veins or thrombophlebitis, from eating a banana is better to refuse, because they increase the viscosity of blood, but sometimes afford to eat a few bananas can still be .

Caloric content of bananas

Calories in bananas quite a lot, but they are not “empty”, as in baked goods made with white flour, pastries and chocolates. Therefore, people with extra pounds and want to get rid of them, you should eat fewer bananas, but abandon them was not worth it. This is especially true of fine ladies: 1-2 bananas eaten in time, it can help mitigate this unpleasant condition, as premenstrual syndrome, or even avoid it.

How to choose a banana?

How to choose good-quality bananas that they were both tasty and healthy? The easiest way – guided by the color of the skin: a good banana peel is painted in a smooth golden-yellow color, characteristic of dark dots on it quite a bit. These bananas can be purchased and immediately there – there is a maximum concentration of nutrients. Bananas with gray skin will do little good, though the harm from them, too, will not. Rind is gray with hypothermia, for example, in storage or transportation, and useful properties are lost.

If the fruit banana too ribbed, it means that he has not been dospet, and removed too early. Ripe banana should be fairly smooth, and its ribbing – not too pronounced.

Buying bananas in store for a few days, make sure that their skin was yellow or yellow-green, but without dark spots. These bananas can be stored for some time at home, but not in the refrigerator, just in a cool dark place. Bananas, purchased a whole bunch better preserved, so you should not share them with the purchase.

Banana Diet

Probably, many women wanting to lose weight, hear or know that there are banana diet. Of course they are, and are suitable primarily for those who are not okay with the work of bowel, stomach, and to those who find it difficult to get rid of edema. Bananas are useful in gastritis and obesity, hypertension and problems with blood circulation, liver, biliary tract and kidneys, diabetes, and even dysentery.

Calories in bananas, as we have said, quite a lot, but their pulp also contains plenty of fiber, natural raw sugar, vitamins and minerals. But the fat in bananas quite small, so their use helps to reduce cholesterol in the body.

With all these properties at a banana diet saturation occurs very rapidly, the brain gets enough glucose, so the depression is so common in other mono-diet, with banana diet simply impossible.

Most often, the banana diet compliance in two ways. The first option is to use no more than 3 bananas and 3 glasses of milk (yogurt) a day. This option may seem harsh, but if you divide each banana on at least 2 pieces, washed down with a small cup of yogurt, then this diet will be completely painless. In addition, instead of the whole fruit can be cooked yogurt, whisking in a blender with half a banana, yogurt or milk. After 3-4 days of a mono-diet usually takes up to 3 pounds overweight.

However, there is another option, which many feel softer, but it takes longer – about a week. In this case, are allowed to eat per day to 1.5 kg of bananas (bananas, take the weight without skin) and drink plenty of green tea, but without sugar and artificial sweeteners. Throughout the week you can eat two eggs to make up the amount of protein – because of its very few bananas. As a result of this diet can lose weight by 6-7 kg.

Banana mono-diet have more pluses than minuses. Lows only in the fact that bananas after a week you’ll only have them, you may very annoying, and you simply refuse to eat them in the future. And if after leaving such a diet, you immediately begin to “reward” themselves for their patience, eating favorite foods and goodies, you will quickly recover the lost pounds.

Plus the fact that bananas are fine and gently clean the intestines, stimulates the kidneys, and it does not deprive the body of potassium – on the contrary, they make up its reserves. Banana diet leads to normal metabolism, while improving skin condition, so that the disappearing of many skin problems – such as acne.

Nevertheless, any mono-diet, including banana, still desirable for the body, as the number of necessary substances coming from food, should be constant and balanced, and the dramatic weight loss, too, does not lead to good results.

On the beauty of shapes, as well as on health, better care permanently, not just when you urgently need to look good. Therefore, eat bananas always, and be healthy, beautiful and fun!


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