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Dengue Symptoms Treatment And Prevention

Now a days dengue fever is hot issue in Pakistan. Many Patients registered from all provinces. Unfortunately Many People have been died due to dengue fever .  Useful information about dengue in large amount of handbill type published and distributed by IWFP.

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Bananas Benefits, Harms, Vitamis, Composition, Useful Properties and Banana Diet

Bananas, the benefits and harms of bananas, the composition of banana, vitamins in bananas, useful properties of banana, banana diet In our country, bananas are no longer considered an exotic fruit: it can buy them year round, and they are inexpensive. Very well that these amazing, fantastic fruit can buy any citizen of Russia, regardless of income level and place ...

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Tobacco Seen Killing 6 Six Million People Next Year

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Tobacco use will kill 6 million people next year from cancer, heart disease, emphysema and a range of other ills, global cancer experts said in a report issued on Tuesday. The new Tobacco Atlas from the World Lung Foundation and the American Cancer Society estimates that tobacco use costs the global economy $500 billion a year in ...

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