Eva Mendes And Her Career History

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes

Country of Birth: U.S

Birth Year: 1974

Height: 168
Weight: 60

Chest: 94
Waist: 62
Hips: 91

She was born March 5, 1974 in Miami, Florida. Her Cuban parents took her then with the other three siblings to settle in Los Angeles. Most of her youth she spent there, studying in the Middle School Herbert Hoover in Glendale until it ends in 1992. That’s when she was admitted to the university, everything was to change gradually. Agent talent, obviously, saw her picture, looking at portfolio photographer, who was her neighbor. Intrigued, the agent convinced her to pursue a career.

After some hesitation Eve, eventually decided to leave his studies and began to study acting under the guidance of professional teachers, Ivana Chabbak. Meanwhile, she began to work, appearing in commercials and music videos, which raises it above the stairs of success. In 1998, she moved a step further by playing small roles in several television series such as “Mortal Kombat: Conquest” and “ER.” She also made its debut on the big screen in the film “Children of the Corn 5. Fields of Terror”, however she was extremely disappointed with their work in the film, as is evident from her comment: “I starred in” Children of the Corn 5 “without the training or something I’m just horrified at myself. I was so bad that it was sickening to watch, even cried for days. I do not understand. but I wanted to understand and be able to. ”

Mendes began to shoot commercials, music videos (she starred in music videos «Hole In My Soul» Aerosmith and «Miami» Will Smith) and played bit parts in television series and movies with low budget. The breakthrough in her acting career took place after the movie “Training Day”, where she performed the lead female role. The film won several awards and was warmly received by critics, and Mendes was remembered by the fact that appeared in the film completely naked.

After that, the actress was invited to major projects with a strong cast: the comedy “Stuck on You” and “Rules of removal: Hitch,” a thriller “Out of Time”, the militants’ Furious’ and ‘What Happens in Mexico. ” In February 2007, the screens out the film “Ghost Rider” in which she starred as a girlfriend of the hero, Ghost Rider.

Mendes is a model advertises products company Revlon. In 2006, Maxim magazine gave her its 1927 line of Hot 100 rankings.

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