How To Get Admission In Norway University, Colleges? Complete Easy Guide Lines

The education in Norway is entirely free and with the current economic recession, Norway is a much better country to live/work and earn than even Sweden and Finland.

Norway has a slightly difficult process to obtain a student visa, i.e after getting admission in any university/college in Norway, one has to transfer the amount (87,000 Norwegian Krones) in University bank account in Norway. They, then send a confirmation by email, which can be utilized to get the visa from Embassy of Norway in Islamabad.The process is entirely safe, and there is no chance of any mishap.

The best way is to transfer the money with wire transfer (through bank to bank) , instead of the ‘HUNDI’ or western union type firms / money exchangers etc.

If anyone of your relative has a dollar account in Pakistan, then you can ask them to transfer the money in Norway on your behalf. This way you will not loose much money in the process.

The HUNDI people take money from you in RUPEES, then convert it to U.S DOLLARS (you loose money in conversion), then the U.S. Dollars are converted into Norwegian Krones. Usually people loose up to 40-60 thousand RUPEES in the process. Please tell this to everyone who intend to come to Norway on a study visa.

When you are in Norway, these rather small losses do not matter much 🙂

The process of admission to Norway is simple;

1-Go to to search for Bachelor/Master programmes taught in English and their institutes.

2-Read the requirements of the programmes you are interested in.

3- Apply in at least 8 Programmes since the admission is getting more competitive every year now. Send application by regular Pakistan post, do not waste money on DHL, Fedex, TCS etc.

4- If you get the admission then transfer the required money in your University’s bank account.

5-Apply for visa in Norwegian Embassy in Norway with the admission letter, your degrees (attested from IBCC and HEC), English translated Birth certificate from Nadra, confirmation from your university that you have transferred the money, and your passport.

6-Come to Norway and take all of your money back and spend it as you like.

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  1. Hi,
    1. As my MSc programme is for two years, Do I need to transfer for whole two months time (89000 KRON * 2) or just for one year to get visa?

    2. University asked for the educational documents to be send to them directly from university/college? Can I get attestation from solicitor and post them?

  2. hi how are u?i love norway.but i dont know that how i come overether for study and work.and i become a man of norway.s.o.s

  3. Dear Friend,

    I just read your message on my website I pleased to read your feedback, i will only suggest you to visit, and yes one good news for you is, now days admissions are open in norway. So as early as you can do apply.

    Best of luck for your future.


  4. i want to apply university in norway how can i apply

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