How To Increase Traffic On Web Site?

99 Ways to Increase Traffic

1. Blog on
2. Submit your site to
3. Submit your site to Google, MSN and Yahoo
4. Join several online social networks
5. Join several online communities or discussion groups
6. Add comments to other peoples threads or blogs
7. Add a blog to your own site
8. Use PPC advertising like Google Adwords
9. Try Ebay
10. Try
11. Advertise on
12. Advertise on
13. Start your own ezine
14. Start your own web ring
15. Start your own community
16. Write your own e-book
17. Start your own affiliate program
18. Start your own reciprocal link exchange
19. Register for online networking events
20. Create a personal page on yahoo, aol or google21. Create a personal page on ao
22. Write articles for other people’s ezines
23. Write articles for other people’s websites
24. Submit your articles to article directories
25. Submit your ezine to ezine directories
26. Do ad swaps with your ezine and other ezine owners
27. Create your own wiki.
28. Create your own forum
29. Create your own podcast
30. Convert your existing articles into podcasts
31. Create a lense at
32. Fine tune your meta tags with
33. Increase your link popularity with recoprocal
34. Find high Google Page Rank sites with
35. Create an RSS feed on your site
36. Syndicate your RSS feed
37. Syndicate your articles
38. Syndicate your podcasts
39. Offer Rebranding of your ebook
40. Submit to online directories –
41. Offer a free white paper
42. offer free software
43. Take the free marketing audit at
44. Write a review of books on
45. Use
46. use
47. Create your own polls
48. Leave testimonials on other people’s sites
49. Create your own profile on myspace and MSN
50. Create an article directory
51. check out
52. Use
53. Submit articles via to 11971 webmasters
54. Actively participate inYahoo groups
55. Actively participate in Google groups
56. Participate in Myspace forums
57. Create your own article directory
58. leave comments in website owner’s guest books
59. Offer a shareware version of your software
60. Offer a free sample of what you do via a “free stuff” website
61. Write a review on
62. Offer a FREE gift to someone’s ezine subscription list
63. Offer a FREE prize draw or competition to someone’s list
64. Offer a FREE prize draw or competition to your own list
65. Create an extensive resource list for a particular topic or industry
66. Write a list of the top 10 Myths in your industry
67. Get your website listed in
68. Write a list of the top 10 secrets in your industry
69. Advertise in some one else’s ebook
70. Advertise on
71. Write an article on
72. Host a clinic via
73. Add an entry to wikipedia and link your site to it
74. Upload a video of one of your presentations to
75. Syndicate an article at EzineArticles, GoArticles, iSnare,
76. Offer to be a guest writer for other people’s website, ezine or blog
77. Join an exit exchange
78. Place an ad on
79. Start Your Own Lens On
80. Join a banner exchange program
81. Contribute on other people’s wikis
82. Join a Button exchange program
83. Offer a free course via an autoresponder
84. Use to promote your blog on the internet
85. Use Ekstream’s Socializer
86. Contribute on Yahoo Answers
87. Join a Banner Rotator Program
88. Swap articles with other blog owners and other webmasters
89. Create promotional items displaying your url – pens, pencils, stickers
90. List your website on your local library’s website or local council’s website
91. Start your own internet radio show
92. Get interviewed on other people’s internet radio shows
93. Use,,,,
94. Use,,
95. Join and participate on,,
96. Use
97. Review sites using and create a link to your site
98. Get your blog listed in
99. Use

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