Kitchen Renovation And Kitchen Interior Tips

Emotions color: living space cuisine

Kitchen furniture is different in design, materials, manufacturing, to a producer, Cost. Can also be classified kitchen sets and color, taken as a major. By this classification, interior designers have resorted in the early stages of planning and engineering design the kitchen space.

Red Kitchen Interior

Will pay attention to the most striking and challenging the most powerful emotion colors: red, blue, green, orange and yellow! With these colors can create a real living space.

Red kitchen will embody the energy of rage, passion, boiling life. With this color beware: the abundance of the red tires. This interior is inherent in individuals with a strong character!

Cold, but bright blue – peace and serenity. Turquoise also apply to the Mediterranean-style interior decoration. This – a shade of summer sun and warm sea. Darker shades of blue, according to psychologists, can involve sadness and contemplation of the eternal.

Green – it’s well-being and health. Lime – the youth and vitality.

Orange Kitchen Interior

Orange – for those who appreciate the taste of life. Color of a juicy orange opportunities, promotes relaxed communication and active mental activity. For supporters of diet orange in the kitchen is still dangerous: this color is most strongly incites appetite! .. Less obtrusive orange in combination with white, black or gray.

Yellow Kitchen Interior

Orange paired with lime – an interesting option, but often it does not meet the expectations of owners:. And in the end is just a mottled effect, which, however, it is also possible to apply in kitchen design.

Yellow kitchen will give optimism and confidence that everything will be fine! Furniture designers prefer to “dilute” solar yellow with gray shades (matte or metallic colors).

Kitchen Interior

Juicy monochrome furniture like no other, demands additional decor. Do not be afraid to bring to unexpected bright interior colors, textures, sizes and shapes. The abundance and variety of decor creates a unique atmosphere. Only you decide – how to be your kitchen.

Think about how the character or mood should have a kitchen? Choose a shade that matches what was intended temperament, and – go ahead – opportunities to meet amazing colors!

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