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Zeekrewards Biography

Zeekrewards is owned by Paul Burcks. And its parent is Rex Venture Group, LLC and they are 14 years old and located in Lexington. They have an excellent reputation in market. They also have several other companies and businesses including the FreeStoreClub which grew 3 million members over the last 10 years and consider a successful business in the world. Zeekrewards is also one of the 1000 most visited websites in the world.

Zeekrewards prefers to pay its members instead to pay high advertising prices of adsense. Therefore all members have to post an ad daily to qualify for cash rewards. With Thousands of members who place one ad daily for Zeekrewards. Zeekrewards will get free traffic and get sales from penny auction store.

Rank on Alexa: 520

Whois Proof: http://whois.domaintools.com/zeekrewards.com

How Zeekrewards Works

When you join Zeekrewards as a free member then you will be given 100 bonus points by Zeekrewards to start your business. By placing one ad daily on Zeekrewards back office, your bonus points will continue growing on daily basis. After 60 days, your first 100 bonus points will be expired and remaining points will be converting into VIP Points.

For example you have 100 bonus points in your account and Zeekrewards profit share is 1.44% for 60 days and you get 244 points in your Zeekrewards account. After 60 days, your First 100 bonus points will be expiring and you get 144 VIP Points (244-100 = 144). And those 144 VIP Points will convert into Dollars. But as per Zeekrewards policy you will have to become qualified silver member in this regard to get this amount. For this you will have to pay only 10$ and also you also have to buy 10 bids and these 10 bids will be convert into your VIP points. You will have to give these 10 bids to a customer. It means you have spent 20$ and got 144$ in return. For easy to understand 1 VIP point is equal to 1 US Dollar.

Grow up your VIP points to get more and more income in US Dollars. Experts say, it is a business and you can earn more and more if you have strong business strategy and temperament. Huge pay back is only due to forced matrix, and forced matrix means “A system where you invest some and get huge return by referring more and more people”.

Payment Method

Most sufficient and suitable payment method for Zeekrewards is Alert Pay. It will better if you create an account on alert pay for money transfer and it is absolutely free unless and until you get any transaction. Charges are affordable and minimal.

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    SEC has closed the zeek rewards offices in all over usa. do you have any idea if any one has invested some amount in in zeek then can he or she able to get back the investment. right now all information is available at http://www.zeekrewardsreceivership.com

    Thanks and please reply

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